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This is what it's so great about probiotics, among other things, the ability to actually inhibit or suppress the bad bacteria in your body and to prevent them from reproducing and from growing. Bacteria can only cause you problems when they are allowed to grow and to reproduce and as long as this does not happen, you are safe. There have been studies that prove this ability of theirs to inhibit certain strains of pathogens and it has also been shown in clinical trials on humans and animals and probiotic research continues as we learn more about them.
A normal human body has somewhere between 30 trillion up to as much as 100 trillion units of bacteria which by the way, it means that it is very possibly and even probable that our bodies contain more bacteria than human cells. This doesn't mean that we all have the same quantities of bacteria in our bodies, since it's not like our bodies produce them naturally, no, these bacteria come from the environment into our bodies, from the foods we eat and the water or beverages we drink and obviously if a person consumes probiotic foods and beverages regularly while another does not, that person that does will have a lot more bacteria in his/her body which is good, it means that he or she is more resistant to bacterial attacks and infections and also has a better overall digestion and there are many other benefits that probiotics can offer but we do not yet understand all of them or their mechanisms of action.